First blog post

Soooo, i’ve started a blog. Yay me. Tbh i don’t expect anyone to actually read this blog i just thought it would be a good way to pass time. If anyone does decide to read this, i think i would only be polite to tell you guys a few things about me and what to expect from this whole venture. I like kpop so that would obviously be a topic of discussion in this here parts. Kdramas are also another thing i enjoy  aswell as japanese/chinese/taiwanese dramas. I’m open to suggestions, writing reviews and basically any requests surrounding these topics. I love baking and cooking so i could through a few recipes in here and there. So really random stuff basically. God i sound so boring already ….  fml.


Shinee Jonghyun RIP

Sigh …. so it’s been a while since i last posted so i’m going to keep it short. As most of you may have heard, Shinee’s lead singer, Jonghyun commited suicide and passed away on the 18th December 2017. The news came as a shock to most people and brought light to the harsh reality of the kpop industry. 

When i first came into kpop, Shinee was one of the first groups i discovered and fell in love with. Their amazing choreo, vocals and fun personalities made them very popular. 

Jonghyun in particular had a very unique and beautiful voice. His songs struck a certain note in my heart and even more so now that he’s passed on.

If you are struggling with or know someone who js struggling with depression then please get help or help them with their lives.

Kpop will never be the same. RIP Jonghyun ❤